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Nov 16, 2022

The very definition of healthcare communication has shifted over time. Today, fewer clinicians practicing at the bedside have highlighted the need for advanced communication tools and processes. 

Join Jason Schaffer, MD, vice president and chief medical information officer at Indiana University Health and Liz Harvey, MSN, chief nursing officer at Oracle Health, as they discuss the evolution of clinical care team communications and how increased demand for healthcare has made better collaboration tools both a necessity and an opportunity for innovation.

Hear them discuss:
• How have trends in healthcare communication changed? (1:20)
• What types of technology are now available for teams and what are the benefits for patients and caregivers? (3:21)
• Important points teammates should agree on regarding critical communications (8:04)
• Knowing your message responsibility and escalation paths in critical situations (12:35)
• How to create flexibility with communication when needed (15:20)
• How can a unified communication strategy help organizations proactively address system-wide challenges? (17:20)

Notable quotes:
“We should be separating technologies for the right speed and urgency of communication.” – Jason Schaffer, MD

“We can’t solely rely on technology. We have to engage our brains and use the years and years of school that we have all spent learning how to be clinicians as we start to look as some of these messages that we receive and talk about the criticality.” – Liz Harvey, MSN

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